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Himachal Pradesh (HP) Electricity Board 300 Recruitment 2013-14

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Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board has been preparing to fill the vacancies . The proposal prepared by the management board is sent for approval to the Government . Ministry than 313 staff in Timet , JE , SDO from other staff positions . Subordinate Services Selection Board recruitment to these posts and have to be through the State Public Service Commission .

CM after the announcement of the management board has started the process of filling the vacancies . Chief Minister has approved the Board to fill 672 positions . Now the management of government sent the proposal is awaiting clearance . Receiving government approval process will be forthcoming from the management board .

Himachal Pradesh (HP) Electricity Board 300 Recruitment 2013-14

On the lower level and how many vacancies in the Board , the Board of Management to prepare a complete report of all divisions have arranged for details . Divisions in the next two years only after the details of how many positions to be filled in class , it will be the final draft .

The Chief Minister of Electricity Board Employees Union summit next three years to fill the post was announced in 2016 . Under this quota are to be filled in the current year 672 . MAT 313 t in these positions , line man , JE , SDO Ministriyl staff are almost 100 posts and 175 posts . The clerk , accountant , including employees from other sections .

PC Power Negi said Managing Director of the Board to fill vacancies has submitted a proposal to the government for approval . After getting approval process will be forthcoming .

Some Other Latest Recruitment Comes in Himachal Pradesh in the Following Order :- Given Below

Industry and Labour and Employment Minister Mukesh Agnihotri

He not only gives the government a year’s work , but also people and answer the questions raised by industrialists . Here are the excerpts -

Significant layoffs are handled in the Himachal government . Your government has taken steps in the event of industrial development ?
Answer : Industrial package was the last time ago , the projects were sanctioned Rs 48 crore . Found that only 17 thousand million of these investments .

It has come to the simplification of the process is crucial. We Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh and discussion of the project in 90 days after the scheduled time of clearance . Land Bank said the DC .

Himachal statehood for the industrial stringent government standards . Much of the land is being sought . We Being hill state from the central government has sought relief in these parameters . If that happens, it would be a big step for industrial development .

You released a draft of industrial policy . Were invited suggestions on this . But the final policy has not been notified yet . What is the reason ?
Answer : The Department of Industry has issued draft . Policy discussions between the Chief Minister and the Finance Department will be cleared because it involved financial issues .

Is the issue of expensive electricity rate decreases . We do not have electricity rate , but can reduce electricity duty . It is also connected to the power board .

These issues will be cleared soon and will be released later this wise order . Issued before this process is complete absence of industrial policy was not applicable .

Congress in its election manifesto promises are several industries . And how much time it will take to complete ?
Answer : Congress manifesto for almost five years .The declarations have to complete a phased manner . Declaration has been made ​​to implement the cabinet sub . Industrial policy has been from the beginning
Skill development in the next five years to 500 million allowances have been provided . Those who point fingers at the plan , he did nothing in his tenure . This November we plan to cover 14 thousand people . Will meet its target of 50 per cent by March .

Vice Chairman of CII Industry Minister Arun Rawat want to clear the status of industrial package . It’s coming or not? Investor wants to decide whether or not Insentiv meet him ?
Answer : industrialists than we will know whether or not the package . However, we can say that we had the one thing that has been snatched away . We are trying . The government will now start work on the next budget , the government will then effective lobbying .

Bibian Industry Association president Rajendra Guleria was asked by the Himachal Pradesh Electricity Duty is to take 17 per cent . This is higher than many neighboring states . Infrastructure Development Charjij are even higher .

The government will provide any relief ?
Answer: The State Electricity Regulatory Commission sets the rates . The rate of duty is in the hands of government power . The new industry policy is being worked on . The government has come to the demands of industry .

Himachal University’s Law Department was asked by the government ‘s discretion to strike the declaration of the unemployment allowance skill allowance, why change ?

Does it not seem that the election was to vote grabbing . He was a supplementary question whether or university students studying at higher educational institutions or researchers within the skill development can not take allowances ?
Answer : Skill Development Allowance is a new initiative . It began to motivate the unemployed to self-employed . Making allowance depends on the purpose of giving young people just do not .

Higher Education and Research Centre of the UGC and financial benefits are provided under other schemes .

Tjendra Bharti Goyal , Chairman of SSI argues that industrial growth is in recession and Himachal government is going to expensive electricity rates . This new industry will in Himachal ?
Answer : the whole country is in a recession . We are trying to keep the round despite fragile industries and new industries invite us to do something better .

Surya Vihar, Roop Singh Negi living in the city of Solan and Una Bathu former head of the Hroli KK Rana Himachalis question that 70 per cent of employment in the industries of Himachal is it .
Answer : ‘ve got jobs through industrial development . Himachal Pradesh do not work on some positions . It ‘s the truth .

As Minister of Labour and Employment had known this thing better . We are sure that industrial policy Himachalis 70 per cent of employment in high places were non- technical . Some industries are breached . We will do it vigorously

In the former regime continue to allocate an MOU for cement plants , the government is yet to be decided . Five new cement industries, the government has sought some more time on notice . Is the government doing about this ?
Answer : He Praspekting licenses were for a long time , but not the date . We are evaluating them that what they did? The case will be in the Cabinet .

HP wants to Tata Industries
Mukesh Agnihotri package without the big industries such as Tata and HP want to come crescent . Both groups of people are coming soon meet Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh .

May be good news for HP . Bibian Bathu in the Una district – Bathdi – Tahliwal is rising as the new industrial area . Create new industrial city in three districts .

The party called on Lok Sabha polls
Likely to contest the Hamirpur Lok Sabha seat Minister said that there is no shortage of candidates to Congress . It will know when the time comes .

Shift in politics would have no desires . The party says , have to agree. In 2003 there were many people who would say that I could not win it . Today the same people feel better . Times change .

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